Dave Andrews

Dave Andrews, known as 'America's #1 Sobriety Coach,' is an author, speaker and coach and has been a featured sobriety expert on more than 50 talk shows around the United States and internationally. A former IT executive, Dave is on the Board of Directors in the non-profit organization Young People In Recovery, which currently has a presence in 21 states, focussed on creating recovery-ready communities throughout the nation for young people in, or seeking recovery. Currently, Dave Andrews resides outside of Denver, Colorado, with his wife and two young daughters, and he has been sober for six years.

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From the bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul comes a revolutionary programme to help you cut back or quit drinking entirely - on your own and in the privacy of your own home. Existing established published resources have utterly failed to help most alcoholics. Only a tiny percentage of those with alcohol abuse issues ever receive any sort of treatment, including Alcoholics Anonymous, which provides a dated programme of recovery that many find difficult to accept or impractical to...


3 Reasons People Don't Address Problems with Alcohol

Jack Canfield explains the three reasons why people have trouble addressing and successfully handling their issues with alcohol in his new book 'The 30-Day Sobriety Solution' with co-author Dave Andrews.


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