So much fun.

March 21, 2011
I'm guilty of not blogging, sorry. I have been too busy reading other folks blogs, that's much more exciting than actually doing it yourself. Every morning when I wake up I promise myself that I'll do it today. But other things get in the way and I get so caught up with them I forget. Well today is different. Here I am, and I'm going to blog.
I'm not very good at this yet, but with a few more blogs I'll get there. So what's been going on? Well I had so much fun answering my 37 questions on Authors Revealed, seriously I could do that sort of thing all the time.
I've been busy trying to sort out a launch party for Poppadom Preach, it's a time consuming task, but this book means a lot to me and my husband and kids, so we want to welcome it into the world like a new baby. I get excited when I think about it. It's really special. I think I'm getting into this blogging lark now. I will post the venue and date once it's all sorted out. I changed the picture on my website, but haven't put much else up there yet. I am going to add a family page, and photos from my wedding and other bits and bobs, so people can get to know me a bit better. I will blog again, soon I promise. When I do it will be to talk about people from the past who didn't want to talk to me then, but do now. Lol. Keep smiling, and I'll catch ya later.xx

Getting back in the saddle.

February 23, 2011
I find it difficult to write to a specific timetable. For me my inspiration comes from all over. I could be doing the dishes and have a light bulb moment.
But when the fever takes hold and the writing bug is biting, it's like all the words are rushing to jump out of the pen onto the paper.
I have a ritual for every new thing I write. You might consider it as OCD.
But I need a brand new notebook, and a new pen.
Before I write I offer up a prayer, sit down, smell the new paper, inspect the pen and then I start.
I hate to be interrupted when I'm writing, I can completly zone out, it's almost as though I'm inside a bubble. and even when I'm done for the day, all the thoughts are running through my mind about what I'm going to pen the next day. I get excited, I look forward to it. Some days it's really beautiful, some days it's garbage. But when I get back in the writer's saddle, there really is no stopping me. xx